Victor Hagger

I went to a recent talk by artist and Cardiff Met alumnus Victor Hagger, who showed us his work and shared his story on how he managed to become a successful illustrator after graduating.

He showed us his “rich-pictures”, which are images with the information of entire business presentations in them – something I’d previously not been introduced to before.


He explained to us the importance of practice and patience. He also mentioned that if you end up coming out of uni and doing illustration jobs that you didn’t see yourself doing it’s okay because each job is a learning experience which will earn you money to be able to do the illustration jobs you really do want to do (in his case, it was to illustrate a children’s book).

I found this presentation valuable reassurance about my own future as an illustrator, since it is often expected of you by non-artists that you should leave uni and should be able to go straight into doing exactly what you want to do – which just isn’t the case unless you strike incredibly lucky.

The most important thing that Victor told us, is that it is a great thing to just go with the flow when it comes to jobs. Do a job for a bit and move on when you are ready. Don’t be afraid to try new things or accept certain jobs.

His talk made me look forward to graduating and experiencing life as an illustrator myself.


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