TED Talks Project

The Ted talks project was a two week brief given to us. The aim was to choose a Ted talk video and illustrate it with at least 10 images, an animatic or animation.

After searching through many Ted talks, I couldn’t find one which really spoke to me or inspired me. However, I did get inspo from something I remembered back in the beginning of 2nd year when one of the tutors played a radio broadcast discussing the phenomenon of Numbers Stations.

Numbers Stations are radio broadcasts on shortwave frequencies which started appearing during the Cold War. They broadcast a number of different things in a number of different languages from songs, dial-tones, code words, and numbers. Some of these numbers are read out by an electronic voice, but others are read out of men, women, and even children. A lot of these station are still broadcasting today.

I decided to make my own Ted talk on this subject, and combined my words with samples of audio onto a video. My images are a mixture of animatics and still pictures which i drew to help the viewer remember all the compact information in the video.

I also stuck to a colour scheme, and practiced my digital art for this project – something I would like to do a lot more on next year.


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