Charities Project: Continued

For the past few weeks I have been working on a project where I have to create some form of illustrative advertisement for a charity of my choosing.

I decided to go with The Donkey Sanctuary, Based in Sidmouth. I would have preferred to choose somewhere closer so that I could visit the donkeys and see what the charity does for myself, but sadly I couldn’t find any near by. Nonetheless, found The Donkey Sanctuary‘s website and was thoroughly impressed with their dedication to the welfare of donkeys, and in addition how they used them as therapy for adults and children with disabilities or mental disorders.

These are some of my designs so far for little cards/leaflets that could be given to people either though their mail boxes or given to them in the street in order to advertise this charity:

donkey 2 fin

This leaflet was the first draft (before I got the official colour scheme) of a small card that has a pop-out donkey when you fold it the opposite way. The idea behind it is that it’s not overloaded with information, but the eye catching cute donkey may attract people into looking at the sanctuary website for more info. I also designed it this way because the it may be something people might quite like to have on their desk at work or at home – therefore serving as a form of advertisement through secondary means.
colour scheme
(Colour scheme for The Donkey Sanctuary leaflets)

After getting the colour scheme, I changed the colour of the wall the donkey is resting over so that it was closer to the duck egg colour that was sent to me.  I have also done a few more designs also using this repeating donkey pattern that cab be seen in the first image.

donkey 1

The second two images are a little card that has a slide along part in the middle, where you can see the donkey go from sad to happy:


I like the interactive quality of this design, but think that the image size of the donkey is a little small and hard to see. I also don’t want my advertising campaign to be too “guilt trippy” – which I don’t think this is, but it could be treading on the line.

However, this is only mt first draught, and I feel like there is a lot of room to develop and improve this.

The Last design is a concertina of a barn with donkeys inside holding small snippets of information about the sanctuary:


This one is probably my least favourite design – although I do like the the barn with donkeys inside idea. I have decided to completely revamp this design making it more colourful and professional looking:


This is a digital copy of the new concertina layout. I have brightened it up with the duck egg colour from the official colour scheme, and used my friendly looking cartoon donkeys to decorate it. I still need to redo the cover of this little booklet – probably with a cleaned up version of the pre-existing cover with the colours most likely inverted to avoid so much white space.

Since getting the colour scheme I have also touched up the pop-up donkey leaflet a little – changing the colours slightly and adding a little more information:


As mentioned before, all of these are still in the very early stages of planning and I am very grateful for the extension that everyone was given for this project. It has been extremely fun to explore the world of illustrative advertisement and I hope to practice more of this in the future.


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