Charities Project – Intro

After coming to the end of Field Module 2, my work is now focused back primarily on our new brief – Charities.

The aim of this project is to create illustrations which could be used in real world charity advertisements – therefore broadening our knowledge of format and how to appeal to the general public.

I am looking forward to this project a lot, but I think it’ll be challenging to adhere to the strict guidelines we’ve been given. It will be difficult to make my work as professional looking as possible, but I look forward to the task nonetheless.

Some examples of charity projects we were given were The Fukushima Project, which supports the victims of the Fukushima Earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster. Artist Fumio Obata makes short comics and quirky little illustrations so help the cause, and upon looking at his work, I know I want to research this artist a little more.

Another charity that was suggested was AleXsandro Palombo’s “No Violence Against Women”  project. He illustrates famous female characters such as Cinderella and Marg Simpson physically harmed to impose a shock factor. As a Feminist, I feel like a project to do with this kind of issue might suit me well, although I don’t know whether I want to use a shock factor yet.


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