Field – Beyond Fiction Letters

As a final addition to my project, I decided to write some of the letters the fox may have sent to his friend. This way, there would be a thirds story going on within the world I created along side the animation story and the people’s reactions.

So far I have written 3, but plan to write a few more, composing a narrative within them to do with the fox’s life, and the life of the fox back home. I also interlinked experiences between the people’s reactions and the letters, with comments from the fox about how a human approached him (As seen in the snapchats in the previous field post)


I tried to make the letters look like they’d been written on scraps of paper the fox had found around the city – plus a replica of the one seen in the animation.

Some more details I added were bite marks, pigeon claw marks and beak marks on the envelopes. My aim was to make the world I had created as interactive as possible – the viewer can pick up, read and touch all the things that this fox supposedly has also interacted with.

The writing from the letters under the cut:

Letter 1:

Dear Friend,

Just arrived! This place is far stranger than I could ever have imagined. We’d only ever heard tales of the grey trees called ‘buildings’ and the great metal beasts which roam the streets – but It’s true! It’s actually true! And it’s fantastic.

As you know, I’d worried before about whether a place like this would be daunting. I’ve only been here a day but I really do feel right at home! You know me though. Never quite had the same survival instincts as everyone else.

Remember that time when we were cubs and I tried to ice skate on that frozen lake? Gregory was so frightened for me; I got so angry at him when he called me stupid – but God, looking back, I really was.

Anyway, you asked me to describe the city! … Well, there really isn’t much to say other than it genuinely is like how your great grandmother told. I’ve found myself a good place to sleep, and have been collecting homely items whilst exploring all day. I’ve been trying to make it look a little bit like home – I even found some flowers growing out between the cracked pavements of a path.

I’ve seen quite a lot of people about – they dress quite differently to the ones we’ve seen in the forest, but other than that, there isn’t anything exciting to tell you in that respect.

The thing I’ve probably found the strangest here, and something I’d probably class as the biggest difference, is that there aren’t any stars. As I sit and write to you now, I’m looking up at the sky and can see only the moon. I think that people have decided that they could make better stars than the ones in the sky, and have riddled the streets with these yellow lanterns which buzz and hum like a paranoid hive of bees. Darkness doesn’t seem to exist here – not in the same richness it does back home. Nothing is could ever go unnoticed, nothing could ever be private.

It’s all very strange, I must say. But nothing I’d personally worry over, ultimately!

How have things been since I left? Is Gregory doing okay? I bet everyone misses me already – I certainly miss them.

Hoping you are well,


 Letter 2:

Dear friend,

Got exiting news!

I met a human today – face to face!! I believe he was male, and he was very friendly – he came right up close to me!

He seemed awful nervous at first, but after a while he shyly approached me (I was actually on my way to the pigeon to deliver my last letter for you! I just had to run straight home after and write you another one.

Speak soon,


Letter 3:

Dear Friend,

Sorry, this one will have to be short. It’s been hectic here! Got a job with some stray dogs collecting rubbish – not particularly exiting but it keeps me busy.

I can’t believe you’re moving out of the tree soon! That’s great to hear, are you frightened?

Downstream is really nice. Very scenic and with lots of prey – but do watch out for badgers, they tend to roam there, and are still not very happy about us foxes taking up their space.

But, if anything, this trip of mine as taught me that sometimes risk is worth the reward.

Hope to hear from you soon!


(I will probably sandwich more letters in between these letters to create a more consistent timeline of conversation)


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