Field – Beyond Fiction Animatic

After much tears and editing, I managed to finish an animatic ready for my formative deadline.

(If embed doesn’t work, the link on youtube is here)

On top of the fact that I am now able to see my story for itself without having to animate every single moment, I found this extremely useful in the fact that I could really get a feel for the animation process I was using. Having never created an animation like this before, this was all completely new to me.

Another thing that I got from making the animatic was the importance of structure and music. I changed a few things from the storyboard last minute, which would have been a very difficult thing to do if I had jumped straight in to making a full animation.

I also learned how easy it was to make continuity errors – especially when using cut outs – and you may notice in the animatic that for a couple of scenes, the fox no longer is carrying its letter as it runs, but then in the next scene the letter is magically back in its mouth. If I had made this mistake in a full animation, I would have been devastated.

Over all, despite the set backs, I am incredibly pleased with how this turned out and look forward to converting this into a full on animation


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