Field – Beyond Fiction Animation 2

As continuation to my last post field post, I started to narrow down the exact story line for my animation. With this in mind, I drew a rough storyboard:





I plan to convert this story board into an animatic by the formative deadline of the project, and hopefully complete a full animation by the summative deadline.

I also created some quick animation tests to help get a feel for the kind of look I was going for.

These walk cycles show my process of simplifying the movements of the fox and cutting down frames – since with this kind of animation, you do not need as many frames as the traditional 24 per second:

fox walkingfox walk cycle simplified

(apologies for the size of the second gif)

Here are some tests of how the animation would look if I were to make all the frames:

fox terrible testfox title

(although the second gif would be done from three frames of printed out text and then photographed in order to match the rest of the animation)


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