Field – Beyond Fiction Day 3

On day 3 of the Beyond fiction project, We were given the task to expand on the ideas that we had via collage.

The collage workshop lasted all day and was a very interesting experience for me, since I am not usually the type of artist who uses multimedia or cutting and pasting in her work. It was really interesting for me to try to delve into that side of illustration, being a complete novice on it.

We were asked to create three collages – one fully drawn, one fully collage, and one that was somewhere in between. By the end of the session, I had managed to create two out of three collages; the fully drawn one and the fully collaged one.


These two images, although may seem fairly different from each other, are linked by my interest in the comfort of man-made objects. The idea was that, unlike some people who find nature and the great out doors comfortable and homely, I personally find myself more comforted by being in a man-made environment.

Imagine being lost in the wilderness and not seeing any sign of human life for days, then  suddenly running across a paved road, or a motel, or even a pylon. Just that one piece of evidence of human life and civilisation could save you, or at least stop you from going mad.

Although I am choosing to carry on my fox idea from the last field post, I have enjoyed this little detour with collage.


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