Field – Beyond Fiction day 2

After the talk and briefing on Tuesday,  the group got back together on Thursday to show off our collected items and ideas. I had gone around Cardiff City Centre to collect bits and pieces of other people’s lives to help put together my own story. Admittedly, I was having trouble coming up with anything, but Amelia helped me gather my thoughts, and told me that I still had plenty of time to come up with something.


One idea that I have so far, are to do with time jumps – a person travelling from a different era and suddenly finding themselves in Cardiff – although this is a fairly standard idea.

The second idea was to write letters as if from a city fox writing back to a fox in the country side, stating what it thought of city life and the places and people in it. You would never see a reply from the country fox, but it would be implied that the fox was replying by the way the city fox’s letters are written. I thought to add to this, I could have a short animation, and drawn photographs of the fox’s travels, and a continuing story-line going throughout the letters. I thought up this idea because it exercises two things I love doing which I don’t do very often – writing and animation. Although this idea is very rough and will probably be changed quite a lot if I do decide to change it, I – either way – hope to include elements of this idea in next Tuesday’s workshop.

Even if I don’t end up going with either of these ideas, I am really determined to include at least a little animation or writing in my project, since as an illustrator in the future, I plan to include these elements in a lot of my work.


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