Field Project

Whilst constructing the shape of the robot, we also began to think about the aesthetic.

We decided pretty quickly that we’d like to base the robot’s aesthetic off some sort of creature. we looked into domestic and wild creatures – and even mythical creatures, but in the end we settled on deep sea creatures.

One of the fishes we thought we could use as a base for the design in the angler fish

we discussed ideas like using a sensor or small light to hand at the end of something over the front of the robot, or make some serrated teeth for it.

We also looked at bio-luminescent fish like the lightfish (also known as bristlemouth)

We liked the idea of using little LED lights to make the robot illuminated.

As configuring and building the robot continued, we realised that time, budget and skill restraints would make LED light attachments difficult. So as a manageable resort, we covered the robot in a case of colourful had painted paper and added colourful legs.


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