Ghost Stories Continued 2

After having a discussion with my Tutor, she told me that she was very happy with the direction I was taking my work in, and that I should continue with the images I’ve produced, but work on the composition of them and remember that I need to keep them portrait.

Converting a landscape picture into portrait isn’t always easy, as It can lose its depth or sense of space with the confined dimensions.

I had a look at artists who have created successful and full of depth images in portrait form, and found Harry Robertson, who’s realistic countryside paintings of British views are very quaint and inspiring.

View towards the Coast

This particular image is of a view in Snowdonia, Wales. It have a large sense of depth and vastness which, if in traditional Portrait form, may not have worked as well. The problem with this is it is a mountain view – a narrow valley  which is framed well in the portrait format. The question is, will my flat, wide beach landscape etching convert well into portrait?

There are a few simple guides to help draw landscapes in portrait form, and this, plus the following of the golden ratio/rule of thirds may help me with my conversion of the image.


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