As the first proper project for second year, all the students were given a brief from a Lawyer firm called Kaplan where we had to create pictures on the theme of empathy for a calender.

This brief left me a lot of room to explore new ideas and medias which I wouldn’t usually have the confidence to explore if I had been given a stricter brief.

I am really happy that two of my pictures got chosen for the calender, and especially pleased that my little pile of books ended up being chosen, since I had great fun doing them and got good feedback from my peers about them. I am calling this picture Books, just because the image is simple and straight forward, so I think it deserves a name that is this also.


Furthermore, am extremely pleased to have my painting of the man and his dog chosen, since as I was painting it, I had my home town of Largs, Ayrshire in mind. The old fashioned bulb fairy lights shown in the pictures are just like the ones that hang along the peer in Largs, and you always see dog walkers around the beach. I have decided to call this one An Leargaidh Ghallda, as in the Scottish Gaelic name for Largs.



One Comment on “Kaplan”

  1. tealstone says:

    Especially like the dog walker picture! Nice pieces of work 🙂

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