Kaplan Project

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When working on ideas for the Kaplan project, I found that I was working in fineliner and inks a lot – sticking to the same colours and methods of drawing in my practice. Upon showing these images in my tutorial, I was advised to also try other medias and to give lineless art a go as well as developing this further.

This was quite a scary thought for me at the time since I have never been all that great at lineless, but nevertheless I gave it a go.



(experiments with watercolour)

I used watercolours to create scenes which I thought would be familar and meaningful to people. I wanted to try to invoke feelings in my work which people might get if they saw the scene themselves. For example, I created a rainy scene with a person and their dog. The scene was placed in Largs (my hometown), but is one that I feel a lot of people could identify with. Like looking out into the rain from your window whilst being cosy indoors.




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