Laura Carlin


what I really love about Laura Carlin’s illustrations is that she is able to make art that is on a very human level. Drawn very simply, and coloured roughly, Carlin’s work depicts very ordinary scenes with a subtle humour or morbidity to them which make them stand out to me.

The picture above is one of my particular favourites since it is nothing more than a very simple illustrations of a woman getting ready to go out for the day. She is using a small mirror to check her face, suggesting that she is someone who takes care of what they look like and minds a lot whether she looks bad or not, yet her skirt is tucked into her spotty knickers. You could also see the humour on another level, since the woman is using a tiny pocket mirror to look at herself, despite the fact that there is an enormous wall mirror directly behind her.

This illustration of simple, classic humour, I think, couples really nicely with the method in which it is drawn.


This is another favourite of mine. From what I can tell, it looks to me like the people are reacting as if someone is trying to take a picture, and none of them are willing to comply. Either this or the plane is crashing.

What I specifically noticed about this image is that one of the people seems to look an awful lot like some sort of cross between cookie monster and Elmo from sesame street, which, whether is actually is or not, makes me laugh. This second level of humour is what makes me love this picture, and, much like the last, I find it is incredibly effective.


Overall, I feel that Laura Carlin’s work will prove very inspirational for me and my work on this current project. Her light and playful illustrations fit to the brief I was given, and are something I’ve never tried to illustrate before.


One Comment on “Laura Carlin”

  1. segmation says:

    What is your favorite art medium you like to use? Love this!

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