first constellation back

In the first constellation lecture returning as level 5 students (seconds years), Dr Ashley Morgan talked to us about what to expect as L 5 students.

She explained that, as students and artists, we were now going to have to begin to think about art in a more critical way, and how we need to talk about art in a more academic depth.

I am looking forward to properly critiquing art using my existing knowledge of it, and learning from other people’s critique on my art how to improve on my own.

We were also introduced to our options for constellation (work placements, travelling etc), and on the Friday after, the portals opened online to allow us to pick our options.

I decided to chose UNDERSTANDING HUMOUR IN THE CONTEXT OF ART/DESIGN with Theo Humphries as my top option because he talked mainly about how humour can affect art and design and hoe important and clever it can be. I thought learning about this would be really interesting since I would like the delve into writing comics in the future. Learning how to create and lay out effecting humour in comics and stories I think will be a valuable skill to have .


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