Constellation PDP

At the beginning of the year, we had a weekly lecture conducted by various tutors about their option for Constellation, followed by class that helped you learn how to write the essay – which is what the subject of Constellation was working towards. We learnt about a lot from the lectures since the subjects were ones which I had never considered before as an artist.

One lecture which I found particularly interesting was Clive Cazeaux’s Do I Have Ideas Or Do Ideas Have Me? Where he explained the meaning of the word “idea” and discussed the concept of the “Death of Art”. It made me think about how art as an entity has dramatically changed in recent years.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the lecture on Subcultures by Cath Davies in which she discussed the reason street style is formed, plus the specific rules and regulations which you had to abide by to be in one. She used the Doc Marten boot as a method of explaining how subcultures evolve and bricolage occurs.

Cath Davies’ study skills were also very interesting – she talked about how art can show a difference in culture depending on its origin and the date it was created. She taught us how to spot factors which may indicate the date and origin of the piece of art you are analysing.

The combination of both Cath’s lecture and her study skills session are what sold me to pick her as a tutor to aid me in my essay writing. I found my weekly lectures were extremely insightful and I found I learnt a tremendous amount on subcultures and street style – something I’ve always been interested in.

What also inspired me to choose Cath as a subject tutor was the work I was doing in Field and Subject. As someone who has always been interested in creating characters and drawing people, I found the knowledge on subcultures to be very helpful when creating people from all walks of life. I could introduce new traits and personality quirks to my characters which reflected their style of clothing (or juxtaposed them). My work in field was aided greatly by the way constellation taught me to analyse an artist in a much deeper way than I previously did.

Constellation additionally came in very handy in the field module, too. When working with my group, we often used artists as inspiration for the direction we wanted our project to go. Since I had been doing research and was analysing a lot of pictures in constellation, I found that my analysing skills had improved.

Finally, my personal work has been enriched thanks to constellation by the fact that in my spare time I enjoy drawing fashion designs. With this new found knowledge of street style I am able to introduce a great deal more detail into my sketches – and I have also found that when drawing, I automatically think about subcultures and the implications of what I am drawing.

Overall, I have found constellation to be extremely thought-provoking and beneficial.  I am glad that I have UWIC Blackboard to go to if I ever want to re-listen to the lectures we had about the various subject material and revisit the case studies from Cath Davies’ talks on subculture. I think if I were to do the year again, I would take the opportunity to discuss with the lecturers individually about what their orations were about in order to fully understand and get as much as I can out of what I have learnt.



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