Conclusion PDP – Subject/Field

During the course of this term I had the opportunity to work on a project with both a group of people and by myself. As the term went on I found that the two projects intertwined quite a lot and the ideas and inspiration I had from either one often were used in the other. I learnt a lot about the view towards art and illustration from the people in my group who did different art-based subjects from all around the university.

Working in a sketchbook is something I don’t often do, so after deciding with my group to make a collaborative sketchbook as part of our City Project, I thought that using one for my personal City Project might help me have more structure and show evidence of development in my work more clearly.

Also, as an illustrator, I often work on projects by myself and ask for little feedback from other people. This was not something I could do in a group project and so getting constant feedback and constructive criticism was very helpful. I also took the opportunity to ask advice on my personal project – which my team members were all too happy to give.

The third project I had this term was in Constellation, which I chose to take with Lecturer Cath Davies on The Implications of Subculture. Although this seemed to me at the beginning to be fairly irrelevant to my subject (but relevant to my interests), I soon found that I was considering things I’d learnt in constellation when creating characters and scenarios in my personal project (E.g the style of clothing and hair, the implications of what this might mean and what their background might be).

As a person who loves creating original characters, I enjoy making juxtapositions within my character designs (AKA a punk who is friendly and approachable, a cheery Goth) which was basically exploring the idea of today’s society having a “supermarket of style” – meaning you can practically wear whatever you want without the strict rules that subcultures provided, therefore you can easily wear the style of, say punk, clothing without having the original mindset views of  a punk.

However, there are things I would improve on and change if I could go back and redo my project. I would probably take more time to refine my technical abilities in drawing – as well as trying more new media. I noticed as I was putting my portfolio together that all my work was 2D (even my animation was drawn), despite the fact that I love working with clay and other moulding materials. I also would have liked to have taken the opportunity to include some 3D printing in my work – a media I am intrigued by.

I feel that when starting the projects given to me next year I will consider these options and think through my choices much more thoroughly.

I never expected the amount of inspiration I gained from attending the constellation lectures given by numerous tutors at Llandaf Campus. One that stood out particularly to me was the literal and phenomenal lecture given by Mahnaz Shah, and debate given on whether art is dead by Clive Caseaux and of course the Subcultures Lecture given by Cath Davies.

Overall, I feel that Field and Constellation and subject have all threaded in nicely with each other and influenced my perception of art and illustration as a whole. They have caused to go in directions it would not have done so otherwise. I have enjoyed experiencing this rich range of artistic education and I feel this shows in the work I have produced for this term.



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